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During the development of the management of the Corporative Social Responsibility of the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga, which throughout its time has made enormous efforts to improve the facilities and work systems, in order to have positive repercussions on the environment, their clear vocation related to quality, accessibility and the environment has been vital. 

Fycma has therefore received a series of certifications issued by suitable organisations, accrediting the quality of the procedures used, as well as the commitment to certain matters of general interest, such as universal accessibility and environment.

Security and Health Policy

The Palace of Congresses and Fairs of Malaga is certified since 2013 with SGS in OHSAS 18001, the Health and Security standard. With that, and aware of the importance of working conditions and the safety and health of employees and collaborators, promotes initiatives aimed at the effective improvement of them and compliance with the duties and obligations established by the Law on Prevention of Occupational Hazards.


Quality Policy

The Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga, in its ongoing commitment to sustainability, quality and accessibility, seeks the full satisfaction of the customer by offering a services based on excellence.

FYCMA’s priority is to ensure this business philosophy through the implementation of different policies: energy and environmental, quality, accessibility and information security, resulting in obtaining certifications that demonstrate the determination and continuous improvement of its work.

  • Iso 9001 Quality Management: Certification for excellent Quality, the basis of all other certifications that the principles of continuous improvement establish, that focus on the customer and management through processes.
  • Q of Icte (UNE 187004, includes SICTED): The Institute for Spanish Tourist Quality authorizes the Q for Tourist Quality in recognition of differentiation, reliability and rigour to the certified tourist establishments and monitors the continuity of its validity.
  • Q for Qualilty of AFE: Certification authorized by the Association of Spanish Fairs in recognition of the establishment of a System of Quality, that is exclusive for its associates, as a guarantee of Establishments and Firms of quality in the sphere of trade fairs.


Sustainability Policy of fairs and events

This Sustainability Policy includes the basic principles of action in the area of sustainability that form a frame of reference for the establishment of sustainable development objectives, as well as the commitments that affect the management of the sustainability of events organized in the FYCMA facilities.

The introduction of guidelines and criteria of sustainability, reduces the negative impact of the celebration of events on the environment and on people, and thanks to the joint work of collaborators, suppliers, exhibitors, organizers, sponsors and visitors, makes us participate in a responsible manner in the common task of changing the world enjoying a healthier environment.

This commitment is implemented in other management systems and policies, already implemented in our organization:

  • Quality politics
  • Environment and Energy Efficiency Policy
  • Occupational Health and Safety Policy
  • Universal Accessibility Policy
  • Information Security Policy


Accessibility Policy

The Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Málaga engages with society in the development and adaptation of facilities and services that can be enjoyed by all. In this sense, Fycma has obtained the following certification:

  • UNE 170001 Universal Accessibility: The commitment to society is expressed in the achievement of this certification, a reference of a requirement to develop and adapt our facilities and services so that they can be enjoyed by all.


Environmental and Energy Policy

FYCMA is involved in the maintenance and sustainable management of their activity using a 100 kw photovoltaic plant that generates electricity used for its development and operation, reducing consumption and increasing energy efficiency. Fycma achieved in this area, the following certification:

  • Iso 14001 Environmental Management: This means a commitment for carrying out their activity with the minimum effect on the environment by means of assuming good practices in work procedures, reaching beyond where legislation  demands, and maintaining environmental aspects under control.
  • UNE-EN 16001 System of Energy Management: Related to environmental certification, it extends good practices to the management of energy in FYCMA activity, by means of control of consumption, the search for more efficient solutions and efficient assignment of resources.


Information Security Policy

Information Security is another key aspect of Fycma. In developing its activity ensures full security that the organization and the customers serve. Currently it has the following certification:

  • Iso 27001 Information Security: The development of information security consists, in general, of data protection against loss of confidentiality, integrity or availability, both accidental and intentional. It is implemented in organizations that establish responsibility that they handle on their own or independent information.


Social Responsibility

  • Joining the Global Pact of the United Nations: FYCMA accepts the commitment of adherence to fulfill its principles and develop its indicators in June 2013. Thus, the Trade Fairs and Congress Center of Malaga is part of an international commitment developed by the United Nations for companies and institutions to meet and implement 10 principles related to Human Rights, Labor Standards, Environment and Fights against Corruption.


Engagement Letter

This document lists the services FYCMA has entrusted, the rigths granted to their users and the commitment to quality made by the company.